COBRA Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drop a dependent?

Yes, dependents can be dropped. However, please remember that your request must be made in writing.

Will I receive a new insurance card?

No. You should continue to use the same cards provided to you by your former employer.

How long can I remain on COBRA?

The length of your COBRA coverage depends on the type of qualifying event that leads to your COBRA eligibility. The maximum length of COBRA coverage is 36 months. Please contact your HR department or plan administrator to determine the length of your specific coverage.

Where do I send my claims?

You will need to send them to your insurance carrier.

When is my premium due?

The first premium payment is due 45 days after the date on which you make your COBRA coverage election. All future premiums are due on the first day of each month. You have a 30-day grace period from the date on which the monthly payment is due to make a complete premium payment. For example, your payment is due October 1, but your payment will be considered timely if made on or before October 31. Your payment must be received and be USPS postmarked on or before the last day of your grace period.

Can I add my newborn baby or newly adopted child to my coverage?

Yes. Children born to or placed for adoption with the covered employee during the COBRA continuation period are also treated as qualified beneficiaries.

How is my insurance continued under COBRA?

Your employer generally has 30 days to notify the plan administrator about a qualifying event entitling you to COBRA coverage. Once notification is received, the plan administrator has 14 days to send you an Election Notice. Upon receipt, complete the Election Notice, select the type of coverage you desire, sign it and mail before the election deadline. The postmark must be on or before the election deadline. The election deadline date is marked on your Election Notice.

You can choose to send your initial payment with your Election Notice or wait to send your initial payment within 45 days of the date you return your election notice. Regardless of when you send your initial payment, this payment must be retroactive, bringing your account current from the day your COBRA coverage began to the date you are sending your payment. Payment must be received before your coverage will be effective.

Can I remain on COBRA after my coverage ends?

COBRA coverage may not extend beyond your eligibility end date. Check with your insurance carrier and ask about State Continuation and/or find an individual plan well before your end date occurs. Learn more on our Losing Your COBRA Coverage page.

Will I receive a statement each month?

You may receive monthly invoices but it is your (the qualified beneficiary’s) responsibility to make payments regardless of whether or not you have received an invoice or payment coupons. Billing and payment information can be obtained by contacting your HR department or plan administrator.

Can I cancel my COBRA coverage?

COBRA coverage can be canceled. However, if you choose to cancel coverage, it cannot be reinstated. Coverage will be automatically canceled if your payment is not postmarked on or before the deadline date of the month your premium is due.

How do I cancel my COBRA coverage?

Generally, you submit your request in writing, stating you wish to cancel coverage starting on a particular date. (Contact your former employer or its plan administrator for more details.) Or if you prefer, simply stop paying for your COBRA coverage when you want it to end.