COBRA Coverage

Confused by COBRA? We can help. … [Read more...]

Losing Your Health Insurance

Have you or one of your dependents lost insurance coverage from an employer-sponsored group health plan? If so, there’s no need to panic. Although you no longer have health benefits as part of your job, you have other coverage options, such as COBRA … [Read more...]

Qualified Beneficiaries

Only qualified beneficiaries can elect COBRA coverage. Who qualifies? Certain individuals who were covered under an employer’s group health plan the day before a qualifying event — that’s the reason for losing their health insurance and other … [Read more...]

Qualifying Events

Several events may cause someone to be eligible for COBRA. If you, your spouse, or your dependents lose coverage under an employer’s plan due to one of the reasons listed below*, that’s a qualifying event. The type of qualifying event determines how … [Read more...]

Electing COBRA Coverage

Many employers contract with benefits companies to provide COBRA administration services to their employees and qualified beneficiaries. After a qualifying event has occurred, the employer and its plan administrator have up to 44 days to furnish a … [Read more...]

Paying for COBRA

COBRA can be expensive — there’s no denying that. Many people get sticker shock when they see how much their health coverage is under COBRA. You are generally required to pay the full cost of your health coverage plus an additional 2 percent … [Read more...]

COBRA Open Enrollment

When open enrollment season rolls around, keep in mind that COBRA qualified beneficiaries have the same rights as active employees. So if you have COBRA coverage, you may need to participate in your former employer’s open enrollment process. Be on … [Read more...]

Losing Your COBRA Coverage

Your COBRA coverage doesn’t last forever. The length of time that you can have COBRA depends on your qualifying event. COBRA coverage may end when: You reach the last day of your maximum coverage period. Your premiums are not paid on … [Read more...]

COBRA Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drop a dependent? Yes, dependents can be dropped. However, please remember that your request must be made in writing. Will I receive a new insurance card? No. You should continue to use the same cards provided to you by your former … [Read more...]

COBRA Glossary

Certificate of Creditable Coverage. This certificate is proof that you had coverage through a group or individual health plan. HIPAA requires group health plans, health insurance companies, and HMOs to furnish this document. It must be provided to … [Read more...]