COBRA Open Enrollment

When open enrollment season rolls around, keep in mind that COBRA qualified beneficiaries have the same rights as active employees. So if you have COBRA coverage, you may need to participate in your former employer’s open enrollment process.

Be on the lookout for open enrollment materials from your employer. You will receive information about:

  • Your employer’s plan
  • Rates for the upcoming plan year
  • Steps you will need to take to renew your coverage

Some employers offer more than one health plan. If you have coverage choices, you can switch plans at this time.

Adding Dependents

During open enrollment, you typically may add dependents to your plan. Be aware that adding a dependent at open enrollment after you have elected COBRA coverage does not give the added dependent the rights of a qualified beneficiary. This means if another qualifying event occurs, the dependent you added during open enrollment will not be offered an extension of COBRA coverage. When you end your COBRA coverage, they do, too.

Other Coverage Options

This may also be a time when you might want to evaluate your coverage and other health plan options that may be available. Visit our COBRA Alternatives page for more details.